PJSC "Ichnyansky milk factory" - the constant participant of the highest-rated international competitions and exhibitions in Russia, Central Asia, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and other regions. Participating in the activities of the highest rank, the company has traditionally held the top places.

The exhibition "Prodexpo-2014", Moscow, Russia




Within the framework of the international competition "Best product - 2014" on the 21 th international exhibition of food, beverages and raw materials for their production "Prodexpo - 2014" 10-14 February 2014 PJSC "Ichnyansky Milk Plant" was awarded:
Silver medal for Farm drinking milk UHT 1.5% w. 2.5% g., 3.2% w., W 6%.
Bronze medal for the products TM "MamaMilla":
- "Condensed milk with sugar" 8.5% w.;
- "Condensed milk with sugar and cocoa" 7.5% w.;
- "Condensed cream with sugar" 15% w.

Condensed milk TM "MamaMilla" recognized as the best product of 2013.



"Whole condensed milk with sugar" from TM "Mama Milla", produced by the Ukrainian PAO "Ichnyanskiymolochno cannery", recognized by leading experts as the best product at the International Exhibition of food products, beverages and raw materials for their production "Prodexpo-2013" in Moscow. The product was awarded the winner of the Cup Grand Prix winner of the international contest "Best Product 2013".

Drinking and condensed milk production SC "Proviant" have been named Product of the Year at Russia's largest food exhibition World Food Moscow.

The international professional competition of food and beverage product-Year 2011 of the Civil Code "Proviant" and "Ichnyansky Milk Plant" were awarded gold medals for two product lines: UHT liquid milk and a new condensed milk premium - TM "MamaMilla".


At the exhibition-contest "The Best Domestic Product of 2008", which took place in Kyiv in the National Complex "Expocenter of Ukraine", products of "Ichnyansky milk factory" was recognized as the best product of 2008 in Ukraine and received a diploma and a gold medal.
Two years in a row, tasting contest "Best Product - 2008", "Best Product - 2009" on the most famous in the CIS and Eastern Europe, the international exhibition "Prodexpo 2008", "Prodexpo 2009", which is traditionally held in Moscow, JSC "Ichnyansky milk factory "gets gold medal and diploma of honor for the quality of the product" condensed milk with sugar. "Traditionally, this exhibition is attended by the largest manufacturers in Russia and CIS.

In most rated show in Central Asia World Food Kazakhstan 2008, which is traditionally held in the southern capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, JSC "Ichnyansky milk factory" was at the end of the professional tasting a gold medal and an honorary diploma "The Best Product World Food Kazakhstan 2008". This exhibition is traditionally attended by the largest enterprises in the industry of Central Asia and the CIS.

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